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Market participants Comments
Market Participants Comments

“Well explained with examples. Thank you !”

— US commercial bank employee


“It was great...knowledgeable”

— Bank employee


“Thankyou for the wonderful session. Learnt a lot & the quizes were good to clarify all the doubts. Thankyou once again.”

— Corporate house


“Thank you for these sessions, they were informative.”

— US Bank Employee


“I had an opportunity to attended your lectures on "Derivatives" (last weekend) and "Fundamental Analysis" (April 1st week) at BTI, BSE.
Your lucid language and presentation style made the understanding of the concepts very effective and allowed us to view things from an investor's point of view.

Thank you for really wonderful sessions.

Ramprasad, MBA (Finance),
IIM Lucknow”

We indeed appreciate your valuable time for addressing the international delegation.


We thank you for the informative presentation delivered to the delegation on the topic requested.


The participants were indeed delighted with your valuable inputs.


— Bombay Stock Exchange Brokers’ Forum


“Thankyou so much for a wonderful session”

— UK BANK employee

“Hello Praneel, The session was informative, Thank you.

— German Investment Bank employee


“thanks Praneel , it was very informative , we learnt many topics today.”

— Japanese Investment Bank employee


“Indeed it was a value addition”

— US Investment bank employee

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