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STEP 1 : INTRODUCTION TO TECHNICAL ANALYSIS The market cycle model, Financial Markets and Business cycle, Dow theory, Typical parameters of Intermediate Trend STEP 2 : PRICE PATTERNS TRENDLINES Concept and types, Smaller price patterns, One and Two Price Patterns, Head and Shoulder Triangles, Double Bottom/Top, Wedges, Flags, Pennants, Saucers and Rounding Top STEP 3 : TRENDLINES Support and Resistance Lines Trends Direction Duration Trend lines Channel lines Breakout trend lines: rules of confirmation STEP 4 : DIRECTIONAL INDICATORS Moving Average,ADX, PSAR, SUPER TREND STEP 5 : MOMEMTUM INDICATORS STOCASTICS, RSI, RATE OF CHANGE, MACD STEP 6 : CANDLE CHARTS STEP 7 : VOLUME INDICATORS Accumulations/ Distributions, Negative Volume Index, On Balance Volume, Positive Volume Index STEP 8 : MARKET SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE INDICATORS Percentages: Dow, Fibonacci and Gann, Fans, Arcs, Retracements STEP 9 : VOLATILITY INDICATORS Average True Range, Bollinger Bands, Moving Average ( Variable), Relative Volatility Index, Standard Deviation STEP 10 : SENTIMENT INDICATORS STEP 11 : ELLIOTT WAVE THEORY STEP 12 : EVALUATION

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