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Step 1 : INTRODUCTION TO DERIVATIVES FORWARDS. FUTURES Asset , Product, Trading Classification Product Structure, Process, Trading, Origination, Delivery based and Cash Based Settlement, Specification and Application of Forwards Step 2 : DETAILED COVERAGE OF FUTURES Comparison between equity markets and derivatives, Cash Vs Physical Settlement, Introduction to Futures, Specifications of Futures Contracts, Mark to Markets, Basis, Application of Futures, Step 3 : APPLICATION OF FUTURES : Hedging, Arbitrage and Speculation Step 4 : INTRODUCTION TO OPTIONS, SPECIFICATIONS OF OPTIONS CONTRACTS, Terms used in Options( Holder, Writer, ITM, OTM, ATM, Intrinsic Value, Time Value, Strike Price, Volatility etc ), Greeks STEP 5 : STRATEGIES USING FUTURES : Pair Trading, Basis trading, Spread Trading STEP 6 : STRATEGIES USING OPTIONS AND FUTURES : Covered call, Protective Put , Bear Spread, Bull Spread, Straddles, Strangles, Boxes, Butterfly- STEP 7 : OPTIONS TRADING USING GREEKS STEP 8 : APPLYING TECHNICAL ANALYSIS IN DERIVATIVES MARKETS STEP 9 : APPLYING TECHNICAL ANALYSIS IN DERIVATIVES MARKETS STEP 10 Volatility concepts, type of Volatility( Actual, Historical, implied and forecasted ) Volatility smile and skew, Volatility surface , STEP 11 : Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho, Volga & Vanna, Inter linkages between the greeks, Portfolio Greeks ( excel based case study ) STEP 12: EVALUATION

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